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Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut oil
Coconut Oil for Canines
We’ve been feeding fish oil to our dogs for a long time and just recently added coconut oil to their diets. Read on to learn about the benefits of coconut oil, that holistic canine professionals are embracing as a perfect food supplement for dogs.
Coconut oil for dogs is becoming increasingly popular because it contains essential fatty acids that the body can use to obtain great health. The natural fatty acid within coconut oil can help the dog’s body in many ways. Medium Chain Triglycerides make up most of the fatty acid content of coconut oil. This particular acid has a gentle and healing effect on the body. It helps to regulate good metabolism and gives the body extra strength to chase away infection and illness.
Coconut Oil for Dogs
The benefits of coconut oil for dogs are vast and varied:
  • A healthy immune system that can handle illness and infection better
  • An immune system that can fight bacteria easier
  • A healthy, elevated metabolism that ensures good digestive function
  • Weight regulation
  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Extra energy
  • Bone and joint support, highly beneficial for dogs with arthritis and those that are at risk of developing joint problems as they age
  • Regulation of insulin and assistance with effective thyroid function
  • Skin, hair and allergy management
  • Coconut oil can help your dog’s body cope with allergens which often first show in the skin and coat, when the body is coping with allergens the skin and coat will naturally become notably healthier
How to Use Coconut Oil for Dogs
One teaspoon of organic coconut oil on average can be added to food per ten pounds of dog. So for instance, with a thirty pound dog, three teaspoons per day is fine and it can even be added directly to cooking if you are preparing your dog’s food at home. If your dog has a sensitive stomach then add the new oil into the diet gradually, over a few
days, until the full amount can be given. Warmed coconut oil can also be applied directly to the skin for dry areas and rashes because it acts as a quick healer with gentle and natural disinfecting properties. There are even reports of coconut oil for dogs being applied directly to the skin behind the ears as a natural flea deterrent. This is only a cross section of benefits and with the smallest amount of research you will find many more. Coconut oil is a canine superfood and it’s well worth adding a spoonful or two to your dog’s daily dinner.
disclaimer: As with any supplement, it is recommended that you ask your veterinarian before adding to your dog’s diet.


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