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Leather Tools in my Workshop


Leather Tools in my Workshop

The great thing about leatherwork is you don’t need expensive, hard to find tools to get started. I get asked all the time about the leather tools I use in my workshop, so I thought I would put together this list to show you what I use.

Leather Stitching and Crafting Tools in my Studio

  • Don Carlos round knife
  • stitching groover
  • Barry King swivel knife
  • maul by Weaver
  • oblong punch
  • beveler
  • skiver
  • stitching awl with diamond blade
  • stitching horse
  • John James saddlers harness needles

Here are a few photos of my leather working tools and I’m always looking to add to my collection.



Handmade leather stitching clamp

Handmade leather stitching clamp


Rawhide mallet, stamps, punch, stitching groover


Craftool hand press


Don Carlos round knife


Stitching wheels, awl, John James stitching needles, Tiger thread


Homemade stitching pony




























To see how I make a leather dog collar with these leather working tools, watch this video. I hope this inspires you to try your hand at leather crafting.


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